The Adorable Assassin

The Adorable Assassin
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Uploaded by Safayat Alam on Feb 01 2021 in Scarborough

A wild American Marten on the hunt, looking curiously at the camera. They are somewhat arboreal (tree dwelling), and thus they can be difficult to spot during the spring and summer months. However, with the bare trees in winter season, they have very little camouflage. Although they spend most of the time on the trees, they do most of their hunting on the ground. American Martens are omnivores. Typically, they hunt on small species of mammals, preferring red squirrels above all. However, in reality they feed upon any kind of prey: frogs, fish, carrion, insects and birds. From plant food they eat seeds, nuts, berries and fruits. At the turn of the twentieth century, humans hunted and persecuted the American Marten population almost to extinction due to high demand of their pelt. You would need to kill 50 martens to make one fur coat. Shameful..

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